Henry Bloomfield studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA starting in the fall of 2011, pursuing a professional diploma in Contemporary Writing and Production. He left classes during the spring semester of 2013 to join Hoodie Allen’s “Cruisin’ USA Tour” as the rapper’s keys player. New York, Boston, LA, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Austin, and Vancouver were ¬†among the 40 city-stops on the tour.

With jazz serving as his earliest basis for learning and appreciating music, Henry has crafted an unmistakable style, incorporating strands of pop, electro funk, and blues. As his musical interests vary from the likes of Frank Ocean to Radiohead, Disclosure to Jamiroquai, and Amy Winehouse to Brad Mehldau, so do his aspirations for future gigs and projects.

Having established himself in the Korean music scene in Seoul, Henry has now returned to the states where he will continue his career as a composer/songwriter in New York.


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